Bloom Farms
Brand Refresh

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in California and, subsequently, a lot of regulatory changes, the Bloom Farms brand became a scattered brand presence and cluttered packaging system. Five years after the brand’s launch, it was time for an overhaul, to update its presence and tackle the brand architecture and messaging hierarchy without abandoning its iconic identity. With a top-level goal of streamlining and expanding the packaging system to multiple product categories, the brand was given a cleaner look, marking the brand’s maturation since its original iteration in 2014. Additionally, to curtail environmental impact, the amount of materials used were reduced in the final packaging system by 30%. A labeling system was also created, making the packaging more modular and adaptable as the brand evolves. The end result is a brand and packaging system prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in the ever-evolving cannabis marketplace.

Project Scope
Packaging Design
Brand Architecture
Structure Design
Identity Refresh