Both Burger

BOTH is the burger patty that’s going to change everything – a 50% grass-fed beef and 50% all-natural veggie burger that is BOTH delicious and nutritious. Unimpressed by the taste of “plant-based” burgers, and unconvinced most meat eaters would suddenly become vegetarians, the founders had the radically simple idea to put your favorite flavor enhancing toppings inside the burger patty. With BOTH, carnivores now have a realistic way to cut their meat consumption for better health and a lessened environmental impact, while still eating what they love. Capturing the duality of the product was essential when establishing the brand tone, so a bold split-color identity was paired with inviting food photography and handwritten product description copy to create immediate shelf impact in the grocery aisle. The overall package feels inviting yet innovative to help signal to the consumer the arrival of this delicious alternative.

Project Scope
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Photography Art Direction