El Paso Distillery

During the Prohibition era, many American distillers relocated their operations to the Mexican city of Juarez, located directly across the border from El Paso. Overnight, El Paso became a hub illegal alcohol trafficking, casinos and speakeasies - it truly was the wild west. When El Paso Distilling sought to create their inaugural release, they wanted to capture this infamous time for El Paso through an indulgent vodka brand. Inspired by vintage liquor decanters, a pentagon-shaped bottle was created that feels strong, yet classy. The bottle features a star-shaped punt symbolizing El Paso. A minimal label featuring refined period-driven typography is incorporated as to not mask the beauty of the bottle. Finally, the bottle is finished with a custom western-inspired neck wrap and copper closure. The final bottle feels as unique and bold as the state of Texas itself, positioning El Paso Distillery at the forefront of the premium vodka market.

Project Scope
Identity Design
Structure Design
Packaging Design