Lulu’s Chocolates

At Lulu's Chocolates, it all begins in remote regions of Ecuador, where colorful cacao pods grow wild in the forest. Lulu's gourmet, organic dark chocolates are made using only raw cacao that is never roasted and conched by hand in small batches. This creates an unrivaled chocolate that is creamy in texture and offers many health benefits that traditionally-roasted chocolate lack. While updating the identity and packaging, that untamed spirit was captured through an elaborately-illustrated logo, featuring rainforest flora and an updated script logotype. New packaging was also created using foil stamping for an indulgent feel. The packaging employs a modular labeling system, making it easy to differentiate their traditional chocolates from their cannabis-infused product offerings. The updated brand creates an elevated experience that allows Lulu's to thrive within the ultra-competitive premium chocolates category.

Project Scope
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Architecture
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Structure Design